About Us

Diamond Hill Montessori School provides a rich environment for children to cultivate their own desire to learn. Our private school helps children to become self-motivated and independent as they learn about themselves and their world within an atmosphere of caring and positive support. Preschool children experience the excitement of learning, explore their creativity, develop at their own pace and actively share in the learning process. Through purposeful activities, children acquire a sense of well being and confidence that will meet their inner needs and help them to reach out and meet challenges throughout life.

Children in our schools are encouraged to seek answers to their questions, to follow their interests, and to develop to their fullest potential. They are provided with hands-on materials that enable them to learn math, language, science and history while at the same time, developing intellectual curiosity, self-respect, and respect for the world around them. The curriculum serves to answer each child’s needs, rather than bind each child to a rigid sequence. Children are motivated to learn and to excel, and consequently are empowered by feelings of intrinsic satisfaction and self-confidence.

We consider it a privilege to educate independent, happy, capable children in a warm, supportive, peaceful, non-competitive setting.

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