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I had the pleasure of having all 3 of my children attend DHMS, in that time they worked closely with Auna and Kristina. I was delighted to hear they would continue to carry the torch for this special school. My children and I had a wonderful experience in our time there. They are thriving today from what I believe is the lessons learned in their early childhood at DHM. I wish them continued success.

 – Beth, class of 2014, 2016 and 2019

We wrestled with the decision to keep our child at DHMS for his 3rd year. He and we loved Diamond Hill, but our town had a high-quality, free, full-day Kindergarten that was closer to home. After we made our decision, we wondered why we fussed over a no-brainer.

Our son takes such pride in being a “3rd year.” As little ones they get to gawk at the big kids do big kid things. Then they realize they’re the big kids, and they radiate a quiet pride. Biomes, Bird’s Eye View, continents map, word building…these are the projects they’ve aspired to, and in their 3rd year they realize it’s their turn to show mastery. And I think that’s been powerful.

And of course what makes this possible is their relationship with the wonderful DHMS teachers. Their devotion to the kids and to the Montessori teaching philosophy is palpable. And they are able to track kids’ progress and bond with them for 3 years – that’s just not possible in a public-school setting. And I think this attachment and continuity are what make the magic happen. When kids feel safe, secure, and nurtured—they are ready to learn and they hit the ground running in their 3rd year.

Knowing that there are 2+ teachers who have known our child for years and are there to support him delights me and gives me peace of mind. Before I had kids, I didn’t give much thought to early education. After seeing them grow by leaps and bounds every year, I realize each year of schooling at this age is precious. We are so happy our son found his home at DHMS.

 – Soojin, class of 2023

Both of my kids are graduates of Diamond Hill Montessori and entered elementary school so well prepared!! The lead teachers foster a fantastic environment – an intuitive, hands-on learning atmosphere that helps the kids develop independence and problem solving. I am still amazed at how they wove in geography and science facts into songs and art projects without the kids even realizing they were learning.

 – Carrie, class of 2016 and 2019

Diamond Hill Montessori has been the foundation for my two boys in education, responsibility, confidence and social skills. They started in little room/pre-k right before turning 3 and graduated as kindergartners. I wish DHMS had continued education. My boys loved going to school every day. Conversation with my kids…they are now in public school. “What school do you like the most? DHMS or new school? Like them both but learned more at DHMS and have fun in current school.“ Since moving on we have returned as alumni to work with the incoming class by reading to the class, assisting in teaching chess and learning to be a leaders. DHMS has exceptional teachers/staff who care for their students. I love the teacher to student ratio. Our experience with the school was nothing less than exceptional. Thank you for all you have done for our family!

 – Jessica, class of 2021

What a wonderful, amazing school. All three of our children attended this nurturing school! Diamond Hill fosters independence, creativity and excellence in all children. The leadership and teachers are just amazing! Kudos to Auna and Kristina. You will forever be loved by us.

 – Rupa, class of 2015, 2016 and 2019

We sent both of our kids to Diamond Hill Montessori School for three years, including kindergarten.  We chose DHMS for its welcoming environment, teaching philosophy and committed staff; and the kids received a wonderful early education there.  The students make progress over all three years in the program, but the kindergarten year is when their development really culminates.  Our kids also loved the “kindergarten-only” enrichment activities during their third year.  Thanks to their experiences at DHMS, both kids were extremely well prepared for first grade and the transition to elementary school.

 – Tina, class of 2020 and 2023

As a mother of 4 boys, (3 of which attended Diamond Hill Montessori School through kindergarten, and one child who is currently enrolled in their program) I highly recommend them as a wonderful and very reputable early childhood education institution. I feel so grateful to the teachers and staff at Diamond Hill Montessori School for instilling so many life and learning techniques in my boys that have built a strong foundation for their educational journey. I feel strongly that their early education at DHMS prepared them immensely to enter 1st grade confidently both behaviorally and intellectually. I am so grateful for this little gem of a school we discovered and that my children will forever be a part of the DHMS family!

 – Erin, class of 2021, 2022 and future class of 2025

My twin daughters attended Diamond Hill for three years. We loved the administration, teachers and curriculum. Can’t think of a better way to have prepped my girls for primary school and for life.

 – Rhiannon, class of 2018

This has been a wonderful school with an enriching environment for our children and many of our friends. The leadership is excellent and responsible. The teachers are warm and outstanding with the kids. The little extra programs (art, music, yoga, spanish, educational visitors such as fire dept, dentist, farmer) are a thoughtful edition to the already strong Montessori curriculum. Children can start as young as 2 years old in the little/toddler room and go up through kindergarten. Full day and half day options available. A Montessori education serves the children well, no matter what they move onto in the future. This school has been a blessing for our children.

 – Vinnie, class of 2019 and 2020

Our experience at Diamond Hill has surpassed our expectations. Not only is our one son getting a wonderful introduction to the academic world, he is also learning everyday values. He is learning respect, good manners and social awareness to name a few. This school has been like an extended family to our son and we could not be happier.

 – Lorissa, class of 2007, 2009 and 2013

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